I am from Lithuania, where a few years ago I graduated in product design. After graduating, I dedicated my full attention to my beloved hobbies – drawing and tattooing. I draw as long as I can remember and that eventually brought me to tattooing, that I found an interesting and fun craft to practice.

Tattoos for me are beautiful. As much as body complementation as the process on its own. It is always a happening and a celebration of things that we care about, love, things that move us or simply make us smile.
Designs I make vary from minimalistic illustrations to abstract compositions. The latter usually is an interpretation of stories, mines or yours :).
You can view Joanna’s workwerk on Instagram or via the Facebookpage of The Ink Society
Currently, Joanna isn’t available for new tattoo requests. You can subscribe for her mailing list. This doesn’t guarantee you of an actual appointment but it keeps you up to date about Joanna’s current availability.  Look at: Onze werkwijze for more info regarding appointments.