The Ink Society is a fine art & tattoo studio located by the beautiful canal De Oudegracht in Utrecht. It was founded februari 2015 to explore and exercise the possibilities of free art on skin. The Ink Society hosts and provides self employed artists with a friendly, safe place to work en stimulates them to develop their own style. The Ink Society has an open and relaxed atmosphere where everyone can be themselves; both client and artist.

General info for bookings
The Ink Society is a private studio, which means the artist that work here only work on appointment and in their own specific styles. You can check out their portfolios and stories on their artist pages. If you have an artist and idea in mind, please send an email to info@theinksociety.nl with a filled in requestform (see link below).

English requestform

Sanne has a different approach for tattoo requests. If you desire a tattoo designed by her you can fill in this requestform and email it towards: info@theinksociety.nl

Check out our profile page on Tatmasters.com. Here you can read customers their experiences and reviews.

On the following days and times you are welcome for general information, or a piercing by Le Sting Piercings:

Monday: 12h – 17.30h – tattoos on appointment
Tuesday: 12h – 17.30h – tattoos on appointment
Wednesday: 12h – 16.30h – tattoos on appointment
Thursday: 12h – 17.30h – tattoos on appointment
Friday: 12h – 17.30h – tattoos on appointment
Saturday: 12h – 17.30h – tattoos on appointment
Sunday: shop closed – tattoos on appointment

-> Most of our artists have a stop on new clients. We will announce when the lines will open on our Facebookpage and personal Instagram, or you can email us for an notification when the lines open. When the lines open, you will receive an email how to apply.

You can always send an email to info@theinksociety.nl if you have questions about the company The Ink Society, pre- and after care or about the process of tattooing. Our officemanagers Kayleigh and Elske are working on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday to answer your emails, outside those days we won’t be able to reply.

-> If necessary; in exceptional circumstances you can postpone your appointment free of charge 14 days in advance of your tattoo date. You can only cancel your appointment free of charge 14 days in advance and in case the artist hasn’t made any designs for you. In case the designs have been made or you are too late, the downpayment is for the artist

-> If you’re sick or need to cancel on short notice by another important reason, then please call the shop! If you’re being redirected to our answering machine, then please leave a message. The voice messages will be checked frequently and more frequently then the shop e-mail. If you think it is necessary to send an e-mail as well then you can send this towards info@theinksociety.nl. If you send only an e-mail for cancelation of the appointment, this won’t be read in time and your deposit will be charged! So please call the shop if you wan’t to cancel your appointment on a short notice and with a strong argument 😉

Thanks for reading and have a nice day!
Bin, Iris, Elske, Kayleigh, Mara, Nora, Romina, Rosie, Rosalie Sanne en Wietske

The Ink Society
Oudegracht 14
3511AN Utrecht
030 636 88 43