Potential risks of a tattoo

Translated from source: Hygiënerichtlijn veilig tatoeëren in samenwerking met de GGD en LHCV

The application of tattoos has risks. Make sure you are well rested and fed. If applicable inform the tattoo artist of your medication, skinproblems, allergies, epilectis disorders and or intolarances.
You can check on: www.veiligtatoeerenenpiercen.nl  if the studio you are considering for a tattoo has a permit.
This permit shows that the studio works accoriding to the hygiene protocol from the Landelijk Centrum Hygiëne en Veiligheid.

Do not get a tattoo if:

  • On a spot where you have had plastic surgery or radiation therapy in the last year;
  • On a scar that is less than a year old;
  • On a spot that has been tattooed less than six weeks ago;
  • On a spot where less than three months ago you’ve had a tatoo lasered or if the laserwound is not healed yet;
  • On irritated skin with for example bumps, dark moles or swollen skin;
  • If you are intoxicated (alcohol and drugs);
  • If you are pregnant.

It is not recommended to get a tattoo is you have:

  • diabetes
  • haemophilia
  • chronic skin condition
  • allergy for tattoo materials or inks.
  • immune disorder
  • cardiovascular abnormalities.
    If you have any of these disorders or you use antibiotics or
    anticoagulants and you still want a tattoo? Discuss it with your physician to ask for the possibilities. For more information on the risks mentioned above you can check:  www.veiligtatoeerenenpiercen.nl.