Our method

At The Ink Society every artist works in their own style.
If you are curious about the styles you can check it out at: Artists
There you can find a small selection of their portfolios, if you want to see more go to our Instagram.

All artists work on appointment, we do not do walk-ins.
The waiting period varies per artist. You can find more information about this at: Artists
If you want to send in a tattoo request you can mail to: info@theinksociety.nl

You can download the request form here: Requestform
Try to fill in the form as complete as you can.
Based on the form the artists will decide if they take on your request.

Most of our artists plan a first meet up prior to the tattoo appointment. During this conversation you will discuss your idea in depth and receive more information about the procedure.
The first meet up is non commital for both you and the artist.

We ask that you come to the first meet up alone, unless you have done a request for multiple people or there are special circumstances that do not allow you to come alone.
If this is the case, let us know so we can take it into account.
Pay attention: Do not take children or animals to the shop, we do not allow them in.

After the first meet up the artist will start with your idea, the sketch fase starts.
How long it takes for you receive the sketch depends on the artist, the artist will give you a time indication during the first meet up.

During the first meet up you will receive a price estimate from the artist.
The artist can ask for a downpayment/sketch fee, keep this in mind.
You can pay with debit card or cash in our shop.

Now we start the creative process. We dive into your idea, collect inspiration, make sketches and design your unique tattoo. The artist will send the design at the latest a week in advance to you via email unless differently communicated.
Sometimes it is neccasery to meet once more, this happens if there are still some things that are not clear. The artist can sketch the design on your body to see if it works well.
If this is the case the artist will reach out to you.

We do not tattoo is:
You are under 18.
You are pregnant.
You breastfeed.
For more information check: Dos and Don’ts

Always be on time for your appoinment. Come at the most 15 minutes in advance and don’t be too late. If you are too late their is a chance your appointment will be cancelled of postponed.
Before you come check out: Dos and Don’ts
Our inks are vegan.

You will receive a form explaining the aftercare. You can also buy the aftercare products in the shop (Bepanthen ointment, not the creme and Unicura).
More about the aftercare here: Aftercare

The price of your tattoo depends on different variables. For example, your skin, the placement, the design and so on. For this reason we can only give a rough estimate of the price.
In the request form and during the first meet up you can give your maximum budget, we can if possible take this into account in the desingprocess.
Our start up price is €150.

We have a fee for the design and ask for a downpayment for your tattoo appointment.
If you cancel your tattoo appointment a minimum of 14 days in advance you will receive a refund on your downpayment.
If you cancel too late we will keep the downpayment for lost time.

Yes, we have this too:  ALGEMENE VOORWAARDEN