Nora Pruyser Art

I love how nature is complex and beautiful from the biggest of shapes to the smallest of details. Zoomed in so far that cell structures become a network of abstract  lines and dots and out so far that a river delta looks like the roots of trees. Not to mention all the complex and amazing micro and macro systems that make all these creations work and grow and be alive.

I want to share my amazement about these things in a visual way. You might have seen some of my animal mash up tattoos and designs. In these pieces I want to show the viewer that an animal, plant, or even a rock formation is amazing seen as the bigger picture or the macro details that make up that bigger picture. I want people to get lost in the details of these ”nature mash ups”. To see something new everytime they look at their tattoo.

You can have a look at my Instagram or Facebook for some examples.

I would looooove to do more of these large scale pieces but of course you can also send in your ideas for smaller mash up tattoos. If you’re not too keen on the mash ups but like my other work, also get in touch!


Nora is available for tattoo requests.
The waiting period for the first meet up is around 2 months. 
For more information on the request process check:
Our method
There is a special requestform for Mash up tattoos from Nora: Mash up Request