When can I get an appointment?
This depends on the artist. You can find an indication of waiting time at the artists page.

What is the price?
The price of the tattoo depends on a lot of details, for example, the size, colour or no colour, details, placement and so on.
You will receive a price estimation during the first meet up if your request is accepted.
What we can let you know in advance is that we have a start up price of 150,-

Can I bring a guest to my appointment?
We ask you to come alone unless you are both getting a tattoo or share the first meet up.
The reason for this is so that the artists can work in peace and we can keep the hygiene under control.
Are there any special circumstances that don’t allow you to come alone? Let us know and we can discuss if we can accomodate your needs.

Are you open in the evening?
Generally our artists work from 11.00 till 18.00. After 18.00 the shop is closed.

I want to cancel my tattoo appointment, how do I go about it?
Call to the shop, if no one answers leave a voicemail. 
030 636 88 43
Want to be super sure we got the message? Mail: info@theinksociety.nl
Solely a mail is not a valid cancellation.
For tattoo appointments we keep to a cancellation period of 14 days.
If you cancel after this period we will keep the downpayment. 
More information: Dos and Don’ts & Terms and Conditions.

When do I get a response to my email?
We have two shopmanagers, Kayleigh & Elske. We hebben twee shopmanagers, Kayleigh & Elske.
The shopmanagers work from monday till saturday and try to answer all mails as fast as possible.
If you have not received a reply within a week, let us know! Also keep an eye on your spambox! It happens quite often that our mail ends up there.

When do I receive my design?
Generally a week before your appointment unless differently agreed upon during with the artist in question.

How does it feel?
This is really personal, everybody has a different pain tolerance.
The feeling is often described as a sharp, mean pain. You can compare it to a cat’s scratch. The difference is that the pain stops at the moment the artist stops tattooing.
After 10 to 15 minutes your body gets used to the feeling. Your body also starts to produce lightly numbing substances. Sadly this does not take away the pain completly, you will feel it.
Below we have a pain indicator of the least hurtfull and most hurtfull places.



Are your tattoos vegan?
Yes! Do mention that this is imporant to you.
We do work with Vaseline but there are replacements.

Are there only women working at The Ink Society? 
Nope! There are women, men and non binary artists.
Don’t forget the unicorns, lamas and flamingos.

For how long does a tattoo stay nice?
If you take good care of your tattoo it will stay good!
Listen to the aftercare information provided by the artist and do apply it.
Don’t forget, when the tattoo is healed always use a sunscreen of 50+ on your tattoo.

How long do you exist?
Since 11 february 2015!

Can I bring my own design?
You can show your own desing in your Requestform.
The artists will check if your idea fits with their style and if it is possible.
Drawing on paper/computer/tablet/canvas/etc is very different than tattooing.
Keep in mind that there will most likely be changes.
Does it fit the artist? Is your request accepted? Then you will be invited to a first meet up.

I found an image on the internet can I have this tattooed?
It depends on the image. The artists of The Ink Society will never copy the work of another artist. If it is a drawing, illustration, painting or something in the likes it is possible if you have permission of the original maker.

I want to drop by to chat with an artist, can I just walk in?
All artists work on appointment only, not every artist is at the shop everyday.
Do you want to chat with an artist about your ideas? Send a Requestform.

Do you have WiFi?
Nope! We don’t have public WiFi. The reason is that we want to protect your personal data.

I have more questions! How do I contact you?
Send an email to: info@theinksociety.nl