Dos and don’ts

We recommend you for you to come to the appointment on your own. 
This applies to first meet ups and tattoo appointments. Our shop is not big enough to accomodate more than 5 artist with their cleints. 
It is 
PROHIBITED to bring children/animals to the shop.


  • Have a good night’s sleep.  
    A tattoo is a lot of work for you body, take care of yourself.
  • Eat well before you start. A tattoo session can cause a little lightheadedness. 
    Bring some food and drink with you, for example something with sugar. You can for example snack on this during breaks in long sessions.
  • For the aftercare of your tattoo you use Bepanthen ointment (not the creme) and Unicura Balance soap with a pump. We sellthese products in the shop.
  • Make your bed with fresh bedlinnen before you get home. A tattoo is a wound, keep it as clean as possible.
  • Wear loose clothing, loose enough so we can reach the spot we are going to tattoo as to avoid having to sit in your underwear. 
    If you are coming in for a backpiece it is best to bring a cardigan/vest and wear it the other way around.
  • Please inform us if there are circustances that do not allow you to come alone. In certain cases we can take it into account. 
    Due to overcrowding we ask guests to stay in the waiting room. 
    Bring your own music, book, series, magazine or anthing else.
  • In urgent cases cancel or move your appointment on time. 
    If you cancel 14 days in advance you may receive a full refund. It depends if the artist already started on the sketch, if this is the case the sketch fee will be for the artist. 
    If you cancel later than 14 days in advance the dowpayment will be kept to make up for lost time.

→ Little piece of advice: Wear dark clothing. If ink happens to get on your clothes it is near to impossible to get it out.


  • Do not bring children under 16 or dogs to your appointment. If possible come alone.
  • We can not tattoo you if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. You have to have stopped breastfeeding for 3 months untill you can be tattooed.
  • Try, if possible, to come to your appointments alone. The tattoo is about you! 
    It is not always possible to have guests waiting the waiting area due to overcrowding.
  • Arriving too late is not an option due to potential appointments after your appointment. 
    Call us in case you will be late.
  • Do not drink alcohol the night before. If we notice that you have drank we can not tattoo you.
  • Do not use numbing cremes like Emla Creme. Your skin will become like a spunge and it will be impossible for us to make a beautiful tattoo.