Cee Burgundy

After graduating from HKU (Fine Art and Design in Education) in 2012 as a painter & teacher, I had many different jobs and future perspectives until I found my place at the Ink Society. I’ve joined the studio in beginning 2017 and I couldn’t have wished for a better place to start this journey.

I see tattoos as a powerful way to express yourself and to reclaim your body; to make your own choices outside beauty- and gender norms. I like to experiment with contemporary tattoo techniques, abstraction and structures. I love to draw directly on the skin; the shape of the body is an inspiration in itself. I’m also inspired by art history, painting, botanical gardens, queerness, old illustrations and the wonders of daily life.

I identify as non-binary queer and my pronouns are they/them (NL: die/diens).

You can see more of my work & flash on my Instagram page or take a look at The Ink Society  Instagram


Cee is beschikbaar voor tattoo aanvragen. 
Voor meer info over het aanvraag proces zie Onze werkwijze.