My name is Joanna. Since last spring you probably noticed my works and designs passing by on the page of The Ink Society. Finally, I found some time to introduce myself to you!

I am from Lithuania, where a few years ago I graduated in product design. After graduating, I dedicated my full attention to my beloved hobbies – drawing and tattooing. I draw as long as I can remember and that eventually brought me to tattooing, that I found an interesting and fun craft to practice.
Tattoos for me are beautiful. As much as body complementation as the process on its own. It is always a happening and a celebration of things that we care about, love, things that move us or simply make us smile.
Designs I make vary from minimalistic illustrations to abstract compositions. The latter usually is an interpretation of stories, mines or yours :).
Je kunt Joanna’s laatste werk ook op Instagram bekijken of op de Facebookpagina van The Ink Society